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We still need to overclock our components ?


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This is the question that some people put itself . Technology increase very fast but the good one' is that we can save some money from our budget and here is an example :

Best for overclocking are in 2002 : Athlon XP1500+ & the new Celeron1000A , and we can take also the P4 1600A that can be overclocked at 2 GZ ( saw it ! ) . We can save in this way almost 200$ .

My first experience in overcloking was an K6 333 overcloked to 350 ( i was scared :D ) . Overclocking may also be seen by most people as a way to save money !

Let's discuss this thing with own ideeas cause i find it interesting ..


Well overclocking is for those who like to tinker with their pc. I did it a few times and found that unless you really read up on the subject and prepare(buy whats needed: bigger cooling fans etc..) Your asking for trouble. Also when you overclock by fsb you also overclock the cache, Which will lock up the pc. Also overclocking buy way of fsb requires ram that can go that high. I have heard of pc150 sdram which is made for overclocking. The biggest overclock I heard of is a 500 athalon overclocked to 2.2 gig! It had to have a water cooling system attached to cpu. Yes they make that. They also make nitrogen gas coolers for your cpu that will take it below 0. But when you overclock the cpu runs at about 20-40 in temp. Testing programs are also used to test stability. You let the program run all night. If your pc does not lock up, then it's a stable overclock. The older cpu's have it were in most cases the cache speed can be changed. Most newer one's don't. Because the manufacturer does not like you to overclock so a block is put in place. So if anyone decides to do this make sure you read up on the subject or you can end up buying a new cpu or a whole new system because of fry factor. Also if you go to a search engine and type and the name of your cpu, the speed and the word overclock you can find articles on overclocking the cpu you have and if it's worth the time. If you cannot get more than 50mhz on an overclock it's not worth the effort.
So make sure you read up on the subject or you could end up buying a new cpu or a whole new system do to fry factor. ikester

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