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Confused and Bewildered
Can anyone tell me why I get the attached error while surfing, but if I choose to ignore it I can continue surfing indefinitely without any problems?

And how do I make it not come back?


I may actually be insane.
Thats nothing to do with the error, that error is IE crashing.

You may wish to try going to your UserCP, then options and disabling this option
Use vBCode quick links on your message input screens?
Enabling this option allows you to quickly manipulate different aspects of your posts including color, font, and size. In addition you can click on smilies to have them inserted into your posts. You may disable this option if it causes problems for you.


Confused and Bewildered
Thanks, but I wasn't in NTFS when I crashed, I was on a different web site and was able to continue surfing for another 30 minutes without problems. That's why I'm confused about IE's "need" to close.

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