wav.files...how can I make them smaller???



I intend to add noises to my web page ...WWW.FRENCHBERLINER.COM...but the wav.files I wanna use are 8 seconds long wich means almost 1MB...That's pretty long to download!! Anyone knows a good software to reduce their size...(Like I could reduce a jpg.file actually!)



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MP3, Windows Media Audio, Real Audio, Liquid Audio... you have quite a few choices and many of these can be done for free. You do have to use some format to compress the file though, or else your stuck with a crappy midi or huge wav.

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any easy way to compress a .wav is to open it with windows sound recorder / file /properties/ convert choose the level of compression telephone is rather small and convert then save as ..the sound is not bad at all ....


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If you are going to embed sound onto your site the best way is to do it like Kermit said. If it's only a background noise/sound, if it's more musical then up the quality one up from *telephone*. But it all depends on what the file size becomes after the conversion and what the sound is. Do a few test runs but make copies of the sound file first so if the quality is not what you want you still have the original. Or when you convert save it as another file name.

But if it's only 8 seconds, *telephone* is fine.

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funnily enough WAV files have certain compresson rates that can be selected PCM is the no compression the u can get U-Law and quite a few others they mean nothing to me but i know they can cut the files size by half:rolleyes:

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