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2 Dec 2001
Enough said


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EP doesn't have dual core! :eek: What's wrong with you man, get out there and get that fixed.
Actually yes, looking at the Q6600 as its price has dropped to something sickening.
But prob not this month and/or until NVIDIA announces its next range of cards.
Or you could wait till November when Penryn debuts you nub :cool:
i have the quad core 6700 extreme, look at my folding scores, it does that a day almost by itself.

oh and thats running at only 80%
Who the hell cares, you boring people. All I want is that Mars Bar :devious:

Oh and my dads bigger than your dad so nah :lick:
I have a bump on my head =\
Don't spam my perfectly good thread.

Eating Mini rolls, woo friday.
Went to a stupid webinar the other day about how people never say "woo monday"

This is the earliest start I've had since I started this business. Damn clients with locations two hours away from me!

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Also Hi EP and people. I found this place again while looking through a oooollllllldddd backup. I have filled over 10TB and was looking at my collection of antiques. Any bids on the 500Mhz Win 95 fix?
Any of the SP crew still out there?
Xie wrote on Electronic Punk's profile.
Impressed you have kept this alive this long EP! So many sites have come and gone. :(

Just did some crude math and I apparently joined almost 18yrs ago, how is that possible???
hello peeps... is been some time since i last came here.
Electronic Punk wrote on Sazar's profile.
Rest in peace my friend, been trying to find you and finally did in the worst way imaginable.

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