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water cooling

i can't listen to my volcano 7+ any more. i need to go water cooling. so i was looking around and saw the Koolance -- EXOS External Liquid Cooling System over at coolerguys. i like this idea because i have NO room inside my case. my question for you all is that do you think the koolance EXOS would be a good buy? or do you have any experience with them? i also want to buy the CPU block and chipset cooler for my ASUS A7V333. also do you think i should go for video cooling? also i was only able to find the 200 gold block at frozencpu.com does anyone know where to get them anywhere else?

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Well from all the reviews that I have read (allot as I was considering going water cooling myself) they make a good product, the only thing I don't care for is that you have to buy every waterblock seperate. And it adds up quick. But I haven't found any quality water cooling systems that are as low as the $300- $350 for a koolance system. BTW, There cases with the builtin cooling are not much more expensive, you might want to think about changing cases to theirs?


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i looked at that koolance external thing once and it looked pretty sweet. though if i remember correctly, one of the major cons was it's price.

before you buy it, i would take maveric's advice and research some watercooling cases and see if you can find something you like better. if not, get that koolance thing and definitely invest in a gpu block. and if you like to keep your hd's cool, consider a cooling block for them. they come in either a flat plate that would cool the top of a hd or one that's like two seperate blocks, one for each side of your hd with a tube that connects them. if i had time, i'd find links to these things, sorry.

good luck, and let us know of your decisions/progress. :)
well for the HDD cooling i have fans for the case. i don't really want to switch cases because i spent alot of time on my current case and am happy with it. currently i plan to buy their 200 gold cpu water block. untill i see how that works i am going to hold off on installing more water blocks till then.
after researching, i find that the koolance is exactly what i want.
http://www.frozencpu.com/cgi-bin/frozencpu/koo-21.html?id=Rn9hLham along with the 200gold water blockand a 2nd bottle of liquid.


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any details about this liquid? what does it consist of and what does it have over standard distilled water? curious, thanks.
i have to "make" distilled water. the liquid is supposidly required and allows water to move heat better. i dunno what it is. i was considering HFE, but thats alot of money and the koolance is most likley not air tight.


i'm im not mistaken, all distilled water is is just drinking water (non tap water). i dun really think it would make a difference though, wut kind of water u use...


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distilled water would be slightly better than tap water simply because it won't leave mineral deposits in the sytem. it's pure water with no foreign matter.

yeah, distilled water with a couple drops of water-wetter or dish soap (to break up the surface tension, letting the water flow easier and transfer heat better) would do the trick.


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Try ethylene glycol I think it is called. That is what they use in water cooled welders. Also you could try radiator coolant which I think is the same thing. Allows better heat transfer than plain water.



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Originally posted by Anakist
Also you could try radiator coolant... Allows better heat transfer than plain water.
not true. antifreeze just lowers the freezing point and raises the boiling point for water. not good unless you're going to do some extreme refirdgeration or your cpu is going to put out about 500watts of heat to boil the water. :D
The cooling liquid should be:
- Distilled water and
- Anti-corrosive/anti-growth additive, like Water Wetter

Anti-freeze won't really do the trick.

HFE is Hydro Flouro Ether. It's a non-conductive fluid that can even be used to submerge computers in. The downside is that it's very expensive.


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Originally posted by Mr Dead
Just though Id let you know ive just installed a water cooling kit into my system. So far no probs, great temp and good overclocking. I have an XP2200 and have so far overl****ed it to 2025 mhz faster than an xp2400. I have the following kit -


My mate installed a Danger Den setup at the same time as me, he gets much cooler temps but the kit costs alot more.
What kinda of temps are you seeing with that kit? I am looking at the koolance system or the Promethia ^sp kit. Granted the promethia is allot more expensive. I dought I could talk my wife into letting me get either but......
i plan to just go with distilled water for now. if i find that temps are no better, i will try something else. with air cooling right now being overclocked to 2171MHz from 2GHz and get between 105-110 degrees F. I want to see something cooler or around the same with very very little noise. my desktop is driving me crazy.
Originally posted by Jz1397-4
i plan to just go with distilled water for now. if i find that temps are no better, i will try something else.
No just must have some anti-corrosives! An preferrable some anti-growth to. If you don't have the anti-corrosive the copper and aluminium parts of the cooling system will start a (slow) reaction resulting in some nasty bi-products clogging up the system.

Read this thread for instance, in particular lcpiper's replies:

Oh and it the temps aren't better with water, you're doing it wrong. ;)

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