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Water cooling - the wrong way :D

Son Goku

No lover of dogma
I saw this a long time back, and sorta remembered this recently. Whether it was truly a joke or not, peeps will no doubt get a laugh :D


I decided this weekend to try and quiten my PC by following some other members lead and going down the water cooling road. The fans on my PC were really starting to drive me mad :mad:

The first thing that I did was to remove all the fans. The one on the processor and graphics card were no problem but the one in the power unit was a bugger to get out.

The most difficult part was sealing all the ventilitation openings in the PC case with silicon. I also put silicon all around the joints on the PC case. The smell of silicon was dreadful but when my wife complained I told her to be patent as it will be worth it when we have a completely silent PC.

Because I had completely sealed the PC case the only opening near top was the DVD drive. So I opened that and put the small hose I had purchased specially for the job into the DVD drive as far as it would go. With what I can only describe as great excitement and anticipation, I turned on the water. It really is amazing just how long it took before the case was complete full, and boy was it heavy. That didn't really bother me as I didn't intend to be moving the PC anyway.

The big moment had arrived so I called in my wife and mother in law (who was visiting) and I announced "prepare to hear nothing!" and flicked the switch on the socket on the wall.

Before I could even press the power button on front of the PC, with a loud bang, the whole place was plunged into darkness

I knew that it was only the tripswitch so I told my onlookers not to panic and I ran out to the hall to turn the trip switch back on. But can u believe it, it wouldn't stay on. After five attempts I decided to try unplugging the PC and would you believe...yes the trip switch stayed on. My conclusion: the PC must have in some way been causing the problem.

After about an hour of tries I finally decided to abandon the whole idea of water cooling and emptied the water out of the PC, put back in the fans (except the fan in the power unit, I had broken that one getting it out) and tried the pc AGAIN. IT STILL CAUSED THE TRIP SWTICH TO BLOW!

My PC is completely shagged thanks to stupid suggestions that I got on this forum. What the hell am I going to do now. I spent two hours last night with a hair drier inside the PC case and it still trips the switch. :mad: :mad: :mad:

Any suggestions greatly appreciated

Conor :mad:
Latter on, well I'll just quote it

I get the feeling that some of you are mking fun of me. Ok it probably wasn't the brightest thing to try but I did it because of suggestions I read in this forum and as such I lay the blame for this disaster at the feet of the people who talked about water cooling but did not bother to explain it fully. You people have a big responsibility and you can't just drop suggestions filppantly for others to pick up and (as in my case) ruin their gear.

As for anybody who thinks that this is funny, I spent what is to me alot of money on my PC and if you can't think of something to say without sneering at my misfotune well then I would rather not hear from you at all

Conor :(
He latter said it was a joke, but whether it really was or not, unknown...


The One and Only
delta4s, i don't think that your sig applied to him. he failed, but MUST have looked astonished when his water cooling method didn't work. i mean come on. he said he had like 7 years of computer experience!! What kind of idiot do you have to be to realize that after 7 years, computers don't handle gallons of water very well?

Son Goku

No lover of dogma
BTW, some of the replies were also hallarious, right along with the idea of someone trying this :D

Absolutely superb, I don't know which was funnier Comers account or the number of replies that said this is a joke isn't it!!!


Personally Comer rather than just going for the water cooling I think you should had powered you PC by natural gas too. You could take one of the 1 inch diameter pipes someone else mentioned and shoved it up the a** of the nearest cow. We do have quite a few in the emerald isle.

Comer if you are a city dweller without access to cows, cats and dogs will do the same job although, you may need to set us as many as twenty of these in parallel as they just dont produce much gas. Feeding them a diet of Beans and cabbage does help considerably!

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