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Water Cooling System


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I am about to buy a used system and it has a Thermaltake Water Cooling system in it.

I don't know anything about these.

What do I need to know, taking care of it, removing other parts (hardrives etc), removing the system itself.. etc

Anything else I need to know.



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You probably haven't thought about it at the time of writing, but....

before you use the system:

check for leaks.
making sure temp doesn't go too high.


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Use any of the colored anti-fungal/antibacterial liquids commercially available today... Test the entire system pump and all connected to the PSU OUTSIDE your PC, and let it run for 24-48 hours to ensure NO leaks PRIOR to installation.

If you do not have an extra PSU this may mean one or two days without a system...

Although unless you are overclocking I dont see the need to water-cool, unless you are simply looking for a way to quiet your PC down... if thats the case look at these links:


1) Look for signs of water leakage inside the case before buying. Any signs of water leakage or spillage and DO NOT buy. There is no way to tell what long term damage has been done.

2) Make sure none of the lines are kinked or cracked. Kinked lines will need to be replaced which is risky and a pain. Cracked line will start leaking and can ruin the system.

3) Make sure the coolant fluid is topped off. DO NOT use tap water. Use the coolants recommended above. Last I saw these were something like ethylene glycol which is poisonous to pets (and people) so be careful with them.

4) Check the CPU, Chipset and Video temperatures under load to make sure the cooling system is adequate for the system and has been installed properly. Just because it is liquid cooled does not mean it has enough cooling for a performance system.

5) I'd put a plastic tray under the system. If it leaks those colored liquids will trash your carpeting.

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