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Water Cooling question


Mr Dead

Decided to give my pc a bit of a revamp. Ive ordered a nice new aluminium case + 550W psu and some active memory cooloers. I am about to order a DangerDen water cooling kit to get some serious speed out of my unlocked XP2100. My question is is it worth getting -

a) The chipset cooling addon, I have an Abit KX7333-R and it has a fan on it. Does it get that hot?

b)The Gforce4 addon. I have a Leadteck TI4200 and it has quite a lump of gpu and mem cooler already on it?


hardware monkey
nice board. if you're going to overclock using the frontside bus, then i would certainly invest in the northbridge waterblock. it will keep it a lot cooler and you'll be able to get more out of it. lord knows that board can oc like crazy.

plus those little fans have a habit of dying (i've gone through 2, now i just leave it off) and getting rid of it can make the system a little quieter.

the gpu waterblock is up to you. if you're trying to save money, then i probably wouldn't get it. leadtek is a decent brand and their cooling solutions is pretty good on those cards. if i were you, i'd just remove the heatsink, clean it and the gpu, and reapply some as3 to make sure it's as efficient as possible. it's a 4200 so if you already have the core at or near 300, that's probably about as high as it goes.

but you have the money to spend, go for it! :cool:

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