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Watching movies on TV from lap top.



How how are you supposed to watch movies played from your laptop on your tv? If you have ever done this, how have you done it, and how do you listen to the sound. It would kinda suck to have your surround sound rearing to go and have to listen to a movie on your laptop stereo speakers. thanks. I wanted to know about sound because my laptops sound output is mixed both left and right. is there a splitter for this? thanks.


First, you need to make sure you have a video card with a tv output. Usually, this would be a s-video out. So once you get the s-video cable, you'd connect one end to your laptop, the other to the tv. If your tv only has the rca inputs (the 2 or 3 color inputs, red, yellow, white), then you need a s-video to rca converter, and then get the rca video cable.

For sound, just get a 1/8th to rca, and attach the 1/8th end to your soundcard, and the rca end to the remaining inputs (red and white, or just red).


ok sound is fine, but the laptop is company owned, and I can't change the video card unless I change jobs. What about a converter for the VGA port? can I do that? thanks


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to watch movies on your laptop ON your tv... simply do the following...

and this works for ALL laptops and tv's regardless of the blue/yellow/pink/green or whatever ports...

1. simply play a movie in a movie player on your laptop...

2. simply take the laptop in your hands...

3. simply place said laptop ON TOP OF TV...

and there you go... now you can watch movies from your laptop ON YOUR TV... simple 3 step program :D

honestly speaking though... no out ports for video (i.e. the aforementioned s-video output) equals no output of movies to any devices... if you do have a NIC or something like it... that would help... but would make no sense since the networked client would be able to play movies... what would you need the laptop for :)

good luck finding a solution mate...

the above was just in fun :D


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There are cheaper and much better scan converters out there. I can't think of any good sites right now (I'm on a friends box) but try doing a search for a company called Extron. They make the best scan converters.

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