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ok im new here so i really dont know where this so go but anyway, i just wanted to know how and what do i need to watch tv on my comp...someone plz help?????
I'll transfer this over to hardware, because that's what you need, a card with a tv tuner on it.
What is a good level-entry TV tuner card, so I can watch tv on my computer?......thanks for the help lonman:D
The card I have is a ATI All-In-Wonder Radeon w/ 32mb DDR. For the most part I'm pretty happy with it. It's still a little spendy at around $200, but for a combination video graphics accelorator and tv tuner card it's not bad.

Hopefully some others will jump in and name there favorite tv tuner card and give you a link to help you research it.
Best card for the money

I have an IO-Magic PC-PVR card. Its a TV tuner card. Does pause live, instant replay, and VCR functions. For $39 at CompUsa it was a serious bargain. Its a PCI card.

The next ONLY product that also does the pause live, resume, instant replay stuff (timeshifting) is the Personal Cinema from Nvidia.

I'm debating getting a GForce3 with personal cinema OR getting a GForce2 PCI card with personal cinema AND a GForce3Ti500 for the AGP slot. Make use of a second monitor for the TV functions as wel as making my desktop bigger witht he second monitor.

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