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Washington DC rant


I went and visited last week for a whole week. I must say from what i heard it was a **** hole. But was surprised to find out that it actually isn't that bad. If you have not went its a great place to find out about the history of the US and all other areas also. A lot of the stuff is free to do, that is the best part. If i wasn't watching a group of 5th graders, then jumping on the metro system and getting around seemed like the thing to do. Only problem i had was with a bum who asked the kids for money and a quick "don't bother my kids or i will make you and your damn cup sorry" was a quick fix. so to conclude, If you have not been to dc, just go for about a week, visit all the main stuff, i recomend the us mall or air and space museums.



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I visited 2 summers ago... a pretty good trip it was. I also recommend the Holocaust Museum. It's tough, but it's important to experience.


yea we went there.. it was very good. I wouldn't take young kids like we did but i must say, that was probably the most interesting thing we did the whole time. Apparently its one of the best museum over the holocaust also.


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Near Dulles is the new air and space museum which you might want to check out. The international spy museum is another cool one. If you must eat somewhere, it must be old ebitts grill. For the wifey, check out filenes basement (sp?) right around the corner from old ebitts grill, great prices on designer stuff.

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