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Was I hacked?

I found out that somehow SP1 was deleted without my knowledge. Windows update reported that I need 16 critical updates including sp1. Last week I was up to date. Was my computer hacked?
SP1 can be uninstalled through the add/remove programs. Any chance someone removed it by mistake?

It would be a stupid hack. If they were already into your computer far enough to uninstall SP1 they would have just left a worm to use to gain control. Then they could use your PC for malicious purposes.

Removing SP1 is too stupid to have been done by a hacker smart enough to get in.
I am the only one using this computer. I'm still having trouble with win update. I have to type "https" instead of just http to get it to work.


- geek -
hmm... https? didn't think M$ used a secure site for update ... ok checked .. they don't. I'm not sure what your problem is though ... could you have somehow deleted the files that update needs to know whats installed and whats not?

... sorry i'm 1/2 asleep :)
Great, I just added uxtheme patch and now windows update says I need all these critical updates but in add/remove I already have sp1 and the updates.

It would be a first for a "hacker" to access your system and remove the SP. I can see why they might but its doubtful.

I suggest you use MBSA or "qfecheck" to verify your patch level rather than going by windows update.

I cant see the SP level on your system properties, it appears below "Version 2002".

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