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Warning - Tescos Scam

Electronic Punk

Staff member
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Do you shop at Tesco's? Read about the Nationwide scam!

I don't how many of you shop at Tesco, but this may be useful to know.
I am sending this to you to warn you of something that happened to me,
as I have become a victim of a clever scam whilst out shopping.
This happened to me at Tesco in London and it could happen to you.
Here's how the scam works:
Two seriously good-looking 18-year-old girls come over to your car as
you are packing your shopping in the boot. They both start wiping your
windscreen with a rag and Windolene, with their breasts almost falling
out of their skimpy t-shirts.
It is impossible not to look. When you thank them and offer them a tip,
they say 'No' and instead ask you for a ride to another Tesco.
You agree and they get in the back seat. On the way, they start having
sex with each other. Then one of them climbs over into the front seat and
performs oral sex on you, while the other one steals your wallet.
I had my wallet stolen last Thursday, Friday, Saturday, twice on Sunday, and again yesterday.

bush dogg

OSNN Senior Addict
Political User
Damn It I want some But I can’t find a Tesco’s in Kansas “****” I have to find one before they get caught. :laugh:


Political User
Electronic Punk said:
Is it wrong to post jokes outside the jokes section to catch people out? :p
I dunno...is it wrong for me to now be looking into opening a few Tesco's in Pennsylvania? :lick: :D

Perris Calderon

Staff member
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this is a serious problem guys, I have been through so many money clips I had to start buying plastic wallets instead.

/very distressed

bush dogg

OSNN Senior Addict
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K-Mart, K-Mart!!!

I found this scam is now happening at K-Mart, lost three wallets already this morning now off to Wal-mart to get more wallets then find another K-Mart/ Me very Happy. :smoker:


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