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Warm Boot



Hi all am having a few minor problems with my new system specs as follows:

Asus A7N8X mobo
Xp 2200+ processor
2 x 256mb 2700 memory
Geforce4 Ti4800

WinXP Pro

Everything is fine and dandy when performing a cold boot, the POST shows an AMD 2200+ processor and when in windows it shows 1.8Ghz as it should.

After rebooting the POST shows an AMD 1.35Ghz and the same once inside windows.

Having looked at the Asus Probe utility I can see that this is because the FSB is coming up as 100mhz compared to the 133mhz it is set to in the BIOS.

A colleague at at work suggested this could be due to a rogue Windows AMD driver but I have never heard of this Issue before..?

Oh and I'm not sure of the exact BIOS version, but it's the one that came as standard on the board.

Does anybody have any suggestions as to what I could try?

Thanks for any help you can provide :)

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