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As good as I was at the single player, I was famously bad at the multiplayer. Good to see some multiplayer groups start popping up.

And when I get around to it, being a member of these groups will have advantages on these forums!


oh I ddint mean to suggest I was any good but I do enjoy the game. I havent even tried multiplayer. I was hoping we could start some practice sessions and have some fun.


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I was pretty good in RoC. I haven't played for months though. I got the expansion last month and played a couple times on B.net and never really got the hang of it again. I might go back and play some more TFT.


Let the show begin...
I was up to level 20 in battle.net at Frozen throne. Haven't played for over two months right now , i've been kinda busy with other stuff .


Must be dreaming...
Whenever I played a multiplayer game, I usually get rushed and die out first... Kinda got annoying, so I stopped playing... lol :p


I'm sorry Hal...
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Well i like single player but i suck at multiplayer, also i don't think i'll be able to get on multiplayer ;)

Also i cheat alot and use a trainer, cause its fun:)

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