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2 Dec 2001
Apologies for the quality, but now I run in a widescreen resolution I couldn't be bothered to play with the Movie Maker settings for optimal output. Please visit Youtube and watch the high quality version in full screen should you need to.

I often get asked on older videos which addons I am using, which is annoying as I have posted it several times in the comments and these videos are months old and various aspects of my interface have moved on.

Starting at the top, alot of that area is vanilla other than Titan Panel at the top there, nothing there really helps me deal damage other than having a healthy glance at how much ammunition I have remaining which is now slightly less important with a 28 slot quiver. I also use CT_Partybuffs to display buffs and debuffs on party members but again this is not particularly relevent to my raiding experience.

Above my target I have used Debuff Filter to show a few buffs that are relevent to me such as hunter's mark, scorpid sting etc. It did have serpent sting but I show that elsewhere now. Hunter's mark does now increase our dps on a target by such an amount that it is well worth keeping it up for longer fights. I might move this box to be honest so I don't have to look up there, although it might be able to stay as I am getting used to it and do glance at a bosses health.

Top right I use Elkano's buff bars. Due to the enormous number of buffs I now get in raids I actually filter these out to only show buffs that increase my attack power (by way of strengh-for-pet, agility, intellect and also mana regeneration). I have debuffs shown seperately in a similar box to the left (shot shows none). As I discover more useless buffs and debuffs I manually filter those out.

The minimap shows the standard buttons as I had them configured in 2.x, some work out of the box others took an additional mod to be installed, but thats my preference. They show bigwigs, ora2 and less important these days Omen - as that seems to behave by default how I would want anyway.

Dead centre I have MSBT, showing the kind of damage I am doing. It shows me the damage that my pet and I are also taking as well as when various buffs are applied to me or when my abilities are ready.

I have 2 chat windows. The left displays raid, normal and guild chatter. The right side is whispers, party and hunter.

In the bottom centre I have Quartz, showing me that I am correctly casting steady shot as well as autoshots and letting me know when a global cooldown. Above this I have another elkano buff bar group showing only serpent sting. An important sting these days as it is supposed to increase your steady shot damage by 10% but who knows if it is working properly. It isn't a wasted shot anyway and can hold it's own.

Right at the bottom I have recount, generally showing current fight with pets merged (unmerged in the shot) as I am a big filthy dps whore.

Bottom right shows Kharhus' hunter timers, I have removed procs from being shown in the top right buffs and show these procs down in the bottom right, again filtered to remove useless procs or information I have on display elsewhere.
My actual buttons I have to click etc. are Bartender4 which also generally seems to work with vehicles these days.

I have growl on my pet bar as to ensure it is disabled otherwise it would just be auto-enabled every time I relog. This is the case for all pet abilities other than Heart of the phoenix which will never auto-cast (a pet dying in fire to be ressed in fire will more than likely die again) I have also done the same with call of the wild to ensure it is never autocast. I also have rabid there. It will autocast properly these days but I prefer it to be macrod as I find it casts faster when I need it, is more controlled.

Top right I have all my traps lined up and available. Centre I have all my tracking options, then pet abilities (including a macro showing heart of the phoenix where I had to edit the macro file to have the proper icon displayed at all times - would just be a ? if I logged on without a pet [oh noes]). Bags of course, backpack is slightly beigger but for some reason the author is unable to fix this.

The top row of the main bar has many macrod commands in.
The mount is top left and having the headless horsemans mount makes the whole flyable or not thing irrelevent. Shift/alt on this macro will use my band of the kirin tor and hearth respectively, right clicking will hearth (not particularly dps relevent)

The two buttons next to it control the use and autocasting of growl and cower respectively. Sometimes I need my pet to take aggro and found that hopping thru the spellbook quickly was still too inefficient so this now controls that.

Standard misdirect macro (although it seems getting into a vehicle currently resets your focus target if it feels like it)
Second row, 2 is a melee macro that will use raptor stike and mongoose bite. Holding alt will use disengage.

3 is warstomp or with alt it will be deterrance.

= will fire off many cooldowns. One click will fire off bestial wrath, call of the wild and loetheb's shadow. A second will fire off rapid fire. Generally hammering it will fire off any cooldowns that are ready. There is sometimes an issue with call of the wild as the pet operates on its own global cooldown. The two click thing could be a pain but works well as rapid fire has a much longer cooldown. Basically if I know a bloodlust coming at the start it is also nice not to use it at the same time as rapid fire, which I can then use right after the bloodlust anyway.

Above recount I have a few working buttons that are mostly there just to show me the cooldown remaining on various abilities in collaboration with OmniCC, I find this very useful. To the left and right of this I have kill command and kill shot respectively, these are not used in the major cooldown button but in my general steady macro (not shown but assigned to a key) and used whenever they are available.

You can see a screenshot showing a few raiding addons active here:

Specific addons in this image are as follows:

I use XRS in the top centre to display raid health/mana, this is really only relevent if the raid is slowly going down and there is no sense in me using some of the longer cooldowns.

Underneath the minimap I have Omen3 of course, which now still shows exact threat. Everyone should have this anyway there really is no excuse for taking aggro anymore /selfslap. This does not get shown for target dummies.

Underneath ora2, standard stuff, I do use this for selecting targets. In more hectic times I will generally just shoot enigmar's target as I can be pretty much assured I can go full out and not take aggro.

And the bloody music is Ambush - Acapulco

All will have been downloaded from:
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2 Dec 2001
Arathor EU

I posted some videos during the WOTLK beta and get some stupid questions so thought I would post a guide I posted on my guilds forums to try and help the other hunters.


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12 Apr 2002
You know, you could just play Left4Dead with me and have mucho fun there :)

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2 Dec 2001
I would if you were ever on there at the same time as me.

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