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Warcraft 3

Warcraft 3 came out today and it rocks...... the single player is awesome.........

A must buy for the people into this kinda game......



Me too...
the game is very nice. Most wanted game !!!

by the way, i saw pirate CD (warcraft 3) were out last 2 weeks.
I dont know how does it happen. From the website, official lauch is on 4 July, but my friend already have it before 4 July, about 2 weeks ago......

Of course, i buy original one form computer store.....


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I got it when it first came out got it for 64.00$ but sold my PS2 game and got it for 45.00$ I say the game is pretty fun, espicially when you play on Battle.net, and it sucks when you lag then u get drop and u get lose! thats what i hate about this game, you get a lose if you drop. So get DSL or cable first if your planing going on b.net =)

Electronic Punk

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Battle.NET is and was well good for Dialbo 2 as there was very little cheating and for a network of that size was often incredably stable - reminds me I gotta establish my characters aliveness soon :p

Got warcraft3 this morning and am just about to finsih the undead levels - loving it ;)


hehe I really like it to im on the last of teh undead campaing, but i wish tehy included tcp/ip option like in diablo 2, i prefer not to use battlenet... sort of a boycott for all the crap vivendi pulled against bnetd. So it looks like i will only be playing multi lanned with my friends, but oh well it s still a pretty good game.


I'm just about to get the game but everyone says they are completing undead levels etc...Is the game easy or is this just a part of the whole game?


hmmm anyone know a "work-around" for using TCP/IP in wc3?
blizzard is turning into westwood imo, as in forcing ppl to use their servers...


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its werid. unlike the 1st two, you don't just choose a race, its a whole story, and it unfolds as you look at it from the four different races, while playing them.

Electronic Punk

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Yeah, much different to the previous games.

Kind o interesting how they made the story line fit together - tho I did find there was a few sub plots that never seemed to finish, ie what happened to the former princec etc.

I did finsih at 5am tho, so may have missed something...
and I don't think it was him becoming a rock star!

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