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Warcraft 3 Fatal Error .. Help!



My setup is as follows

512mb RDRAM
P4 1.9ghz
WD 80 gig hardisk
Nvidia Gforce 3 with new detonator drivers
WinXP Pro Sp1

I overclock my system using the bios settings in my board, set bus to 110mhz and cpu to 2.1ghz.

Recently ive had some crashes in wc3 with these settings, seems to happen when i have a lot of units moving around.

Game exits giving a message of "Fatal Error" "Memory 000x0x0 .... could not be read" etc etc.

I dont have these problems with cpu at default speeds.

Is this hardware related or is it a bug inside the game's design?


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i didnt read all your stuff because right when i saw OVERCLOCK i said thats it!

Over clocking can always screw up games and Crap!

Dont over and and see what happens


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Lets ask basic questions....

Do you have all driver updates?
Do you have any extra programs running?
Anything else like that you can think of ?


Truthable, he he

To check if your system is stable running at those overclocked speeds, get prime 95 for the cpu+mem - or memtest for, well I'm sure you can guess what that tests :cool: google will help you with finding those.

run each of those for a few hours - if they crash, it is your overclock causing your problem. If they don't - your system is stable and is probably a driver issue, program conflict as b-man said.

But as you said, the error doesnt happen when your system is at stock speeds, so you can pretty much guarantee that you've got an unstable o/c
Good luck
its the overclocking.

when i overclocked my pc, i had crashes in w3 getting the same error, and it has caused me many losses!

i would have had a 20-1 record. :mad:

btw, i think the post counter is broken or something.


Well i updated my bios to the latest revision and it automatically upped my cpu voltage to 1.85v, it was 1.75v, so i left it like that and its been stable since.

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