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[WANTED] FTP Service


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Anyone know of a good FTP service out there? I have my own, but I have been having issues with it lately and it's to the point where it's not worth the frustration. I do NOT want to run it off my machine, I want an online provider that will backup and keep everything online 24/7. I am more than capable of finding one, just wasn't sure if anyone used one already that works well. I don't want a mom and pop 1, 2 or 3GB service either. I need ample storage space. I'm willing to pay obviously, as long as the product is worth it.

Thanks in advance :)
company i work for coreix.net does backup solutions. Not sure its what you want or in your prcie range (I've not checked the details personally) but its something to look into.

Also I'm getting a server from 1and1.co.uk soon (unmetered 100mbit) you could use if they decide I can get the login details for it any time soon :p


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After further research on this issue, I have decided I will probably need to change service providers. The problem, at least from what I can figure, is that it takes 26 hops to get from where I am in MA, to where the server is that keeps my stuff in TX. Even when I do upload consistently, it caps at 45kb/s - which is a bit slow.

Not sure if I want to pay for a dedicated line, well actually I'm pretty sure I'm not, but at least I have a little more insight as to why I have so many problems.

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