Wanted, Freeweb Space.



Sure this has been asked before, trawled around can't see it.

I can goto a search engine and stick in the credentials and come up with quite a lot of answers to my questions. I want experienced proof.

I need webspace, pop ups are fine but NO image plastered on my site from the host. People have pop-up stoppers they can get rid, I know that the one I am currenlty using stopped pop-ups as you could use blockers or script to stop em. Now they have ugly images plastered on every page.

I need, ftp ws_ftp95 access.
Minimum of 3 megs.
Pop-ups I don't mind.
No image embeded on page.
Not on cjb, or angelfire, yahoo. No places usually associated with warez.

Any Ideas?
I can offer you them specs for free with cpanel access. No ads at all. i'll send you a pm. :)
Thanks Jason, I need to consider it deeply though. It's a a kind offer, thanks.
ok, well i have a lot of space, upto 10mb is nowt to me. Up 2 u
I have about 900mb free, 40gb a month bandwidth and Cpanel access to, just give me a shout ;)
LOL I have a reselling account too which I lend out to buddies. I see that others are already offering though. I can't offer cPanel unless you have a domain though. I can only offer a sub-domain with FTP Access and a database. Of course unless you buy a domain.
That host looks like it isn't the best at all. Ya they don't have ads but they also don't have FTP. I mean its hard to even setup a site when you have to use online editors and uploaders (not fun). Plus it doesn't look like they offer any sort of scripting like PHP or another alternative. Lastly they block file types which is even more weak. You can't even put up mp3s on that site and what if its actually your music? Mp3s aren't illegal its what you have in mp3 format. Tsk Tsk when will dumbass webhosts learn that.
Will be interested to see if you can find any free hosting by a non-forum member that's better.
Well the only thing that has going for it is ad free. Everything else is outmatched these days except MAYBE the bandwidth. Spaceports which is alright hosting is free and offers unlimited space (not sure about bandwidth), a cgi server for PHP, and FTP access. All things that sphosting doesn't offer.
Wow - thanks for the link Reg.
Found this from that site:
Host Ultra:

Our Free Web Hosting Package contains the following features:
Unlimited Data Transfer
Unlimited Disk Space
100mbps Network Connection
99.9% Uptime
Free Sub Directory ( hostultra.com/~you )
Cool yourname.vzz.net URL!
Free Subdomains ( Many domains to choose from! )
Free Domain Hosting ( yourdomain.com )
Custom Domain DNS Control ( A/CNAME/MX Records )
Browser and FTP Uploading
Unlimited Domains / Unlimited Subdomains
Free Search Engine Submission
Well we have 80gigs and 1000gb bandwidth (per month) but I currently have no plans for giving it away, outside of team members that is.
Well thanks for the kind responses, the +ve and -ve, I decided to stick my site on hold till the cricket season gets underway. I am going to buy my own, soon as we have cleared our credit card debts.

I will run a poll soon on the best host, then I can decide who I what to give my hard earned to. :p

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