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[WANTED] External Hard Drive Recommendation


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I need to get an external Hard drive, and wanted to get some Point of View on something I was thinking about. Obviously, if you buy an enclosure, and then a hard drive, and marry them (ha), it's usually cheaper because SATA/IDE drives tend to be lower per GB then if you buy a pre-enclosed device.

What are the pros/cons to doing this, versus buying one that is already enclosed?

EDIT: I know the main one is that you can swap the drive or upgrade if you go the enclosure path, but that won't be happening here.


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I have it, but it stays in the tech bag.

I want a drive to be used full-time for my system, as a backup device.

I may stay with WD though, looking at the "My Book" drives, as they are very sexy, I love WD and I love black :)


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iogear makes a dandy 1.8" usb2.0 powered drive.
no power cables, just usb.

future shop has it on for 99 CDN (20 gigs tho). They do make much bigger capacities...

I have a friend who lives by the thing.. totally loves it.


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I'm thinking of going with the My Book - as posted above. It has a lot of features I really like:


I was looking at the 500GB, but I think the 320GB will do for now. It has the ability to daisy-chain, so I can always upgrade if need be. I found it on the web for around $230 after shipping, which isn't bad.

I really like how this drive turns on and off with your PC, that's pretty sweet. Also, it has the intelligence to turn off after 10 minutes of not being used. This way if you are idle, it will go into power save mode to extend the life of the unit and not use as much power. I also think the LED in the front which acts as a gauge for disk useage is a nice touch :)

Very sexy indeed, although still looking.

Thanks for the suggestion jimi - but I need bigger than 20GB ;)
You need to know how to use a screw driver.

You can get any case and put any HD you want in it.
- Size, capacity, brand
-W/Cooling Fan, smaller USB case without fan
-Costs less if you don't mind rebates.

PS JIMI the USB self powered drives require you to use expensive laptop HDs which are badly capacity limited. USB only has 2.5W to run the drive.


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haha - well as long as I know how to use a screwdriver I'd be all set ;)

I almost want to get two, but I can't decide. Think I'm going to sleep on this one before making a decision.
Watch the screw driver thingy. I had to return the first Maddog. Somebody at the factory cross threaded one of the case screws and I couldn't get it out.

Return guy at COMPUSA said. Hey no pooblem, our tech will get it out for you.

15 minutes latter. They handed me another HD case. Seems it really was stuck. lol

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