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[WANTED] Blitzkrieg

Bytes Back

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EP, I tried PC world but sadly they sold all their copies :mad:

Lee, I went on to your link and did some more poking about and found it for about half of the Amazon cost, so thanks very much and it should arrive tomorrow :D

Electronic Punk

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Karlsruhe, July 19, 2004 – CDV Software Entertainment AG announced today the planned 4th quarter release of the second official title in the successful Blitzkrieg series.

In the same tracks beaten by the extraordinarily successful sequel “Burning Horizon”, the developers are now sending “Rolling Thunder” into battle.

“I’m sure that we’ll top the high standard of quality set by Burning Horizon. Strategy fans can really look forward to a treat at the end of the year”, promises CDV’s producer Martin Deppe.

Like its predecessor, “Rolling Thunder” also offers a campaign with 18 missions (approx. 8 single missions). This time Blitzkrieg fans can look forward to a campaign with the famous American general Patton. His crusade through seven countries, including Operation: Husky, is but one of many historical highlights.

And Henyman, I always go to PCWorld, gives me great amusement :p
I buy alot of my gear there as its almost always impulse buying.

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