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Want to upgrade ... but when?


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Title says it all, I can't upgrade my current system anymore. Well I could but the minor performance grade (going from 3.4 ghz to 3.8) isn't worth it. So the question is how long do I need to wait. I want to build something that can be upgraded for some time. In other words I need it to be dual core ready with a possibility of going quad in the future. I had heard AMD was working on a board that could do both but I have no idea when its going to be ready. I don't know if Intel is doing the same thing. Any thoughts or recommendations?


Title should be WANT not what. I'm an idiot


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I was going to edit the title to "WANT not what. I'm an idiot* but I let it slide ;)

K8L is in the works, core 2 is here now with dual and quad on the same board.

If you upgrade now, core2 is the way to go.


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I'd say wait til spring 2007 or later if possible. Let the Quad core cpus become readily available and see the reviews on them before splashing out on a new system. Prices will probably drop quite a bit on the older dual core models. ;)


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Cool, thanks for the advice. I just want to be able to play Double Agent & Neverwinter Nights 2 and apparently you need a beefy system. My vid card is AGP so I can't support it. I was sad!
Sadly I have to agree with Sazar. If you're upgrading now go Intel - with Duron, single, dual and quad cores on the way and compatible with one MB socket you can't loose. Performance/heat number is better too.

AMD on the other hand is so socket changeover happy they no longer show an upgrade path. AMD has a new socket next year (again) and are doing dual sockets on 1 MB to get quad core. They've lost it again.
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I would go with Intel, Core2Dual or if you have the money you can go with the quad core Intel chip. PCIx maybe SLi.

Though I would late at least until after Thanksgiving since most likely start running some good deals


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do it now - I am itching to make the jump myself - both to move along from AGP and to go DUO and just because my old case sucks.....

All that is holding me back is that I have to move house first! Oh yeah and then it will be Christmas... but come January I'm there! Oh except that I'll be poor then - well as soon as I have money next year I'll be there!

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