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My computer was acting funny so I re-installed XP clean . . . the only thing is that it created two "All Users" folders under "Documents and Settings" with basically the same files. Also it didn't erase all my programs like I thought it would . . . it left them on the hard drive for me to create the shortcuts . . . not somthing I am too thrilled about doing (Not to mention they wouldn't be on the Start menus list of programs).

Here is what I want to do . . . Just start over. I previously had Win 98 on my computer then I upgraded to XP. I am not worried about losing any files because I have most everything backed up . . . I want to basically format my hard drive then install XP so that I will not get duplicate files . . . only the original files that XP installs from the disc (Basically what you would get on a new computer).

If there is any way to do this I would love some input.

Thanks for all the previous help too!:)
do you have more than one partition on your harddive or multiple harddrives? A freshinstall should format the drive COMPLETELY and youshould be able to just start over. I know I did. I had too. I had 98, Me and then XP and there were all kinds of crazy things going on.
I only have one partition on my drive (I think) . . . how would you check the hard drive for partitions?
And if I did find I have another partion what do you do to get rid of it and make the drive into one partition so I would only have XP and nothing else until I decide to put another partition on it?

Sorry about the questions . . . just trying to learn and get my computer on the right track!
well, lets see. Ifyou know you only have one HD in your PC but say 2 drive letters appear i.e. C: and F: (non floppy or cdrom) and you are not seeing a network drive, then you must have a partition in the drive.

When you do a fresh install with XP, it does ask if you would like to format each partition, and if i remember correctly, doesnt it ask to delete a partition? i think so.

Im sure someone on here can give you even a better way of deleting the partition but I created mine with the software that came with my harddrive, not XP. Anyway, if you don't care about losing all info on each partition, then make sure when you fresh install, you are formatting each partition. just to be on the safe side. That way you are getting rid of any possibilities.

I wouldnt think any other partitions would need to be formatted if they are not the boot partition (drive) but i could be wrong.

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