Want to run a Linux based machine, but which distro?


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OK, just for fun, I want to install Linux on my machine (on a separate harddisk while the Windows harddisk has been taken out, just to be sure). If I want a easy to understand distro, where both terminal and GUI configuration is easy, for webserving (Apache and PHP), database (MySQL) and a GUI (for webbrowsing if I need help), is Slackware a good choice? So far I only got experience with RedHat and Mandrake, but I gave up on it, because it was to difficult for me at the time.
I don't want to use the distro as a desktop replacement (yet), but as long as configuring is easy etc. and with a clear structure (not that the config files are all located on different places) and with the points I said above, I am happy.
Oh, and I rather not want to use FreeBSD, I have tried installing both 4.8 and 4.9, but both failed, because for some reason my monitor said the video was out of range when I booted up in the GUI.

If you say I can google for help, you're right, but I trust your guys, and I know that some guys/girls have good experiences with Linux.

Specs (if you need any):
MSI-6309 with a Via chipset
PentiumIII 800 Mhz
256 MB
20 GB
LAN internet connected through a router
Samsung 151s 15" TFT monitor @ 1024x768 @ 72 Hz


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Hm, when I tried Mandrake, I found it quite good. But I have heard some very good things about slackware, so if there are some good recommendations for that, I will try it. Other recommendations may also be given of course :)


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Slackware config is mostly done through text files, and you won't get much GUI configuration. Unless I was to use Dropline Gnome on Slack, I'd go with Mandrake or Fedora. Debian could also be a choice. I'm on a Debian box right now. Once you get used to apt-get and the ghastly install process, it'll be a breeze running your box. apt-get is very very powerful.


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Hmm, looks like it's going to be Mandrake after all. I am now downloading Mandrake 9.2, I'll let you know if I have any more questions.


I've had my share of SunOS and JDE. Never cared for either GUI interfaces. The backend (shell) is pretty good.


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okay.. so JDE is??? actually, i tink it is a java-based desktop right? but wouldn't that be extraordinarily slow? i mean the java runtimes on windows is really sluggish..


Not really. JRE's are slow in Windows because it has to:

1. Launch the JRE virtual machine program (like running an OS in an OS)


2. Launch the App

Since the OS is Java, you don't have to worry about the A part so it essentially will run just like any other OS.


Windows runs great on the PC hardware
Mac OS X runs great on the PowerPC hardware

Yet, when you run Windows on a Mac using VirtualPC, windows runs slower than a snail! Why? Because PC hardware has to be emulated, memory has to be allocated, and processing power has to be shared. The same would be true if you could run Mac OS X virtually on a PC.
isn't that new "java desktop" just linux running like kde modified w/ java apps?

* Edit * - got off topic of the post :p ... I vote slackware ... if you wanna run X make sure you config it correctly before starting up your gui and you shouldn't get those nasty error msg's.

*Edit #2 * - my bad based off gnome not kde :/ ...
The software consists of a fully integrated client environment based on open source and standards including a GNOME desktop environment, StarOffice productivity suite, Mozilla browser, Evolution e-mail and calendar client, Java 2 Standard Edition, and a Linux operating system.
taken from suns own site here


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But Windows and Mac programs are compiled to machine code while the Java I know is compiled into byte code which has to be interpreted by the JVM. Unless the OS only runs applications code compiled to a language the machine can understand without the need for a JVM, it'll always be slower.
X-Istence said:
FreeBSD, forget Linux.
Haha, that's funny, considering the first post clearly indicated:
Glaanieboy said:
Oh, and I rather not want to use FreeBSD, I have tried installing both 4.8 and 4.9, but both failed, because for some reason my monitor said the video was out of range when I booted up in the GUI.


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NetRyder said:
That's quite possible, but from what I understood of the original post, he wanted something that would work without much tweaking.
He's done RH and Mandrake ... not sure he's gonna find a distro thats gonna be more GUI/server friendly "out of box" then them. :/

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