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wanna make avatar, what software should I use?


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Well, basically, I have a video clip in mpg format and I wanna take a few secs of it and turn it into an avatar. Question is, what do I use? :confused:


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go to http://www.radgametools.com/bnkdown.htm and download the RAD video tools, if you read thru. the help files you'll beable to figure it out....what it does (if you do it correctly) is make it frame by frame by frame in a gif format so that you can open all those gifs in somekind of animation editor (you can use Image Ready if you have Photoshop 6 ^ installed).

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To use the capture in powerdvd you must disable hardware motion compensation and then there should be a camera icon on the player window... before you start tho, ,go to the configuration and specify how you want the images saved, ie I normally choose a folder on my desktop... they will be incrementally numbered, which makes importing them into animation shop very easy.


I personally like irfan view better for making avatars. I have photoshop 6 and image ready. But irfan opens most any video's and can export them frame by frame. then i use the little program called CoffeeCup Gif Animator to do the magic. Plus thanks to o_87 I am learning more about photoshop. I used to like paintshop pro better:mad: Now thanks for the tutorials I am leaning towards photoshop.

But i cant put my avatar on here because of the size i cant get it small enough:confused: 15 frames, 90x90, saved as jpeg? any clues guys????

Tried saving as gif first but that dont change the frames sizes either.


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I use Ulead GIF Animator 5 to take out small sections of mpegs
edit out all duplicate frames save it as a gif - then open it in Animation Shop 3 for some final tweaking



thanks EP, but could you tell me why i couldnt seem to get it any smaller? you are a good man LOL

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