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Wan miniport Network Monitor


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In my Device Manager I see that I have an error sign against a Wan Miniport Network Monitor. It is disabled, but will not uninstall any ideas what this is please.
This is one of those fairly common yet Innocent and somewhat undocumented issues.

The WAN mini-port network monitor is one of a few wan miniport devices installed on your system (they are normally hidden in device manger)

Generally the network monitor device is only installed when microsofts network monitor or associated tool is on the system.

Ever installed the windows XP support tools?

Also some modem or network card drivers add the device in and i head AOL's client software does for some bizarre reason.

Little bit here:


I would leave it disabled and ignore it unless you can find a way to remove it. I've look but not had much joy finding a definite solution.


OSNN Senior Addict
Thanks Enyo. I don't know where it came from, and I only noticed it by chance when I was in Device Manager and saw the yellow icon. It wouldn't uninstall, and I was at a loss, but in the end I opted for automatically reinstall drivers, and I am pleased to say it disappeared!!


Tomorrow Tweaking Today
I think I know where you got it from. You installed myvitalagent didn't you? By reinstalling the drivers, it didn't disappear. It's simply hidden. Under View click on show hidden devices and you'll know what I mean. When you try uninstall it, it says it may be needed for booting Windows. The only way to uninstall it is to delete registry entries to ndiswan. Unfortunately I deleted too much and completely destroyed my network. At least you can still connect. Myvitalagent doesn't fully uninstall in Windows XP since it was never intended for the OS. It corrupted my TCP stack and I'll need to reinstall Windows :( I've already tried netfs int ip resetlog.txt to no avail :(


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Thanks for that info. It looks as if bits of MyVitalAgent must have been left behind as well. I'll see if I can find and remove the remnants without doing too much damage.


OSNN Senior Addict
Hi coathanger 007. Just out of interest I have formatted and reinstalled on one of my computers, and all those 'hidden' entries are still there in Device Manager, so I don't think they have anything to do with MyVitalAgent.
Most are there by default. But the Network Monitor WAN mini-port is normally added by drivers or thrid party software.


Tomorrow Tweaking Today
If you search the registry you'll find lots of registry entries have been left behind. Does anyone know exactly what component of myvitalagent is monitoring my COM 3 modem port? Unfortunately neither INS nor Lucent are providing tech support and I've searched google dry as the desert :(

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