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WAMP Server Address


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I just installed the WAMP Server onto an old computer of mine that I want to use as a test server, for well testing websites I design and things like that. Now everything seems to be working and I think I know how to ""upload"" to it and all that. My question is how do I get a www.blahbah.com or what not....

Edit: was going to leave it at that and have you do some research. Unless your server has 2 public IP addresses and is permanently online you wont get www.yourserver.com.

You can use no-ip.com to get to the server however that limits you to one site.

You could also setup the machine as a dns server that also forwards all other queries to the outside world, but I won't go into that as you'll just wind up confusing yourself and harassing us on here with it. While I and others have no objection to helping you out, I have not for sometime had the impression that you attempt to figure things out for yourself first. Your recent questions have also been rather demanding.

Go get friendly with google.com and learn something for yourself.


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Wow, all I can say is wow. I have never received a negative/rude comment on these forums before. There is a reason why I ask most of my questions on here because you people know your stuff and I find you guys explain things best.

Now you shouldn't freaking assume that I just come here right away. When you don't know what you are looking for google is not much help, you can't exactly type a paragraph into google. I also don't see how my questions are demanding, they are simply questions.

I am looking for an answer, not a rude comment thank you.

If you don't want to help, fine I will spend a week or more looking through google and probably not find my answer. Thanks anyways.
google has natural language search. You could search for "how do I host a domain at home" and see what you get.

My response was not rude. It was simply telling you to learn to use google. Your questions are demanding, and are too frequent. Demonstrate you used google before coming to me with these kinds of questions from now on and I will be all too happy to help.

This line of questioning is very close to my job. I probably know most of what you want to know. As I said though, you must demonstrate you are trying to help yourself and not just running straight to OSNN as soon as you get that "uhhhh, what?" feeling that your recent posting has suggested is the case.


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Alright so I searched around, and well I only really need to be able to test my server and the files on it, which can be done by going to http://localhost.

Now then I started thinking maybe I need to get a file from it when I am somewhere else so I wanted to know what the address would be. I found this..

"There are several things you need to make sure are working, and some of them have been outlined above.

1. Make sure your web server is up and running.

2. Make sure you can get to the web pages from your local machine by typing "http://localhost" and/or "http:" in your browser address bar.

3. Are you connected directly to the Internet or through a router? If you are using a router, you will need to know your EXTERNAL ip address, which is the address the router reports on the internet side.

4. Once you know that IP address, you will need to set your router to "forward" port 80 requests to the correct INTERNAL ip address (the address you computer is reporting). Most routers call this "Port Forwarding" or something similar. You would tell the router to forward port 80 requests (standard http port) to the computer that is running the web server (typically something like

5. More than likely your Internet Service Provider will periodically change your external IP address (renew you lease on that number). If this is the case, the address your friends use would change anywhere from every couple of hours to once a month. To get around this, there is a free service called DDNS (Dynamic DNS). You can get there at www.dyndns.org. This service will allow you to register a free domain (within certain sub-domains) and have your router automatically update your IP Address when it changes. Most routers support this functionality.

If your router does support this functionality, your friends would enter a name, such as xxxxx.is-a-geek.com instead of an address to reach your web server. Your router will have to be setup to login to your account every time your IP address changes and update the address at DynDNS. I have been using this for years and it works great.

Hope this helps."

Is installing DynDNS my answer to getting an address name? Or is there something more simple. I could just check my external ip all the time, but that is a hassel.
Yeah basically DynDNS or no-ip would let you do that as I stated in my first reply. Some routers have a DynDNS client built in to them you may want to check that yours does.

Typing http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/ is no more hassle than http://www.domain.com/

In supporting the fact that you are helping yourself however you can just provide a link and use excerpts to clarify what you are discussing in order to keep your posts clear and to the point. I also appreciate the lack of demanding wording in your follow up post.


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B - I can vouch for www.no-ip.info myself and have used it for years. The client runs very smoothly and can even run as a service for free. This gives me public URL's such as osnnrules.no-ip.info (not valid, although it does!)

The client runs on that machine, so each time the IP changes (not common for me, but is for others), the DNS record updates within 48 hours (is their SLA, not normally taking that long).

Once you have that sorted, you just need to do the port forwarding as referenced above. However, I would recommend you change the default port to something like 8080 - just my ****-ness that I don't like using default ports for whatever reason. As long as you change the port your application listens on, it should/will work.

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