Wallpapers... Post and Request

Thanks guys.. I don't know why I want it.. I just want it.. :) I thought I had it somewhere but I can't find it anywhere.. :) To much crap on ones comp I suppose.. :D Cheers!!

Edit: Found the one I was lookin for... :) Here it is..


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    Where Are You Going.jpg
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A couple with a little of humor :)


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Beginning said:
I think this belongs back in here..... :) Does anyone else remember who did it? I remember.... :p

I remebmber the guy very well.....it was Zodiac,he got himself a new pc and a new child and then he disappeared
Are you sure?.... Now I'm starting to doubt myself :confused: :confused: ... As far as I remember Gonaads made it..... :grumble: :grumble: Now I'll have to chew on my own foot for a while... :( Man I thought I had that figured... Go figure!! :)
Ummmm... made what?

Anywyazzzzz, here be somethin I was playin wit... It started as a Pioneer Wallpaper, I kinda played with it.

^^take a dip^^
thekore said:
nice twist on the original :)

Thanks :)

Beginning said:
The 3D Blue Orb Wallpaper a few posts back... Da*n I thought I had that one figured out.. :(

Cool wall.. :) Thanks for sharing.. :)

Heh, sorry, not me. But thanks anyway. :D
Nice image.. :) Great work... :) Do you do these from scratch or from another image?
Well, i use the car blueprints, as a reference and then build the parts.
Silvio said:
Well, i use the car blueprints, as a reference and then build the parts.

Blueprints? As in a picture of the car in question?

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