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Wallace headed to Bulls


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Two in one day..Stevie Y and now Ben goes for the $$$$.this is crazy. Another era ends...Good Luck Big Ben in the Windy City....

Free agent picks Chicago's offer over Pistons'; will sign for $14 million per season on July 12.Another Detroit sports icon bites the dust.

Ben Wallace, the face, the fro and the foundation of the Pistons the past six years, will be wearing a Chicago Bulls uniform next season.

"I appreciate everything Detroit did for me and my family," Wallace said Monday night, confirming that he will sign a four-year deal with the Bulls on July 12, the first day free agents are able to sign contracts. "They gave me an opportunity to make a name for myself and we had an opportunity to win a championship together. This is always going to be a special place.

"This is just one of those things. When you get a chance to sign a deal of a lifetime, it's tough to let it go."

The Bulls, who initially made no offer when general manager John Paxson and coach Scott Skiles came to visit Wallace on Saturday, apparently upped the ante considerably Monday. They offered Wallace a four-year deal starting at $14 million, which would make the total value of the contract just under $60 million.

The Pistons' initial offer to Wallace was a four-year deal worth $49.6 million, starting at $11.5 million. Even though that offer would have made Wallace the highest-paid player on the team, Wallace was disappointed.

He was further disappointed when he was told the Pistons wouldn't raise their offer more than $12 million to start, which would have raised the overall value to $51.8 million.

Pistons president Joe Dumars confirmed the news late Monday, but didn't want to make any comment. Wallace's agent, Arn Tellem, and Paxson also confirmed the news.


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He didn't seem happy in Detroit at the end of the season. And yah, it does seem like he's going for the financial security.
It sure does stink to lose his defensive talent and energy but the Pistons need a center who can be offensive and make some darn free throws.


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Can you really blame him though? I think this is the beginning for the Pistons to start to decline. That is a HUGE blow to their defense, that's not someone you can easily replace :eek:


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thats what makes a modern day athelete, a modern day athelete.
the JACK!

they're isn't any allegiance to one team anymore. Steve Yzerman is the exception to the rule, because 25 years ago their was allegiance.

Do you really expect a guy like Ben Wallace to be able to survive on 51 mill a year? The guy probably doesn't even know how to count to 51 million.


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Nice to see the Bulls taking a step and signing a big time player. He still is 32 and makes me a little nervous about his age. But if he stays healthy and we sign and trade for Al Harrington watch out for the bulls this year.


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Do you really expect a guy like Ben Wallace to be able to survive on 51 mill a year? The guy probably doesn't even know how to count to 51 million.
His whole contract is only worth around 60 mil...

not 50+ mil a year...

14+ mil with bennies...
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