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waiting pirates of the caribean


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well, it is a possibility. I mean, they did leave a tiny little cliffhanger at the end of the third, and i think there have been talks a while ago about continuing the storyline.


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There is going to be a fourth movie, but from what I've read ti mainly focuses on Capitan Jack Sparrow more then dealing with the open ended ending to At Worlds End


The One and Only
oh sure.... cause the Pirates franchise is the only one to ever get milked in the movie industry.... *Cough*Saw*Cough*

I'd much rather see another Pirates, Crank, Final Destination, National Treasure, Batman..... and a bunch of other movies, before i'd even want to HEAR about another Saw. "Hey, let's see what kind of torture device we can come up with next to make people squirm!" I never watched a single Saw movie... but i watched a small amount of one when i was channel surfing...... and a guy potentially drowning in liquified rotting pig carcasses.... yeah..... Saw should Saw it's own head off.

There's a difference between a good movie series becoming a saga, and a random gory horror flick being milked to the very last drop... and i feel like Saw has hit that mark several versions ago.
My 2 cents, I thought the first two Pirates movies were very entertaining and funny, but that the third one was entirely convoluted and a waste of time, and I was so looking forward to it after the excellent ending of Pirates 2. I'm fine with them making a fourth one if it's back to entertaining and funny, but that may be a tall order at this point.


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In my opinion they should of stopped after the first one. The first movie was great, full of action, drama and some good laughs. The second and third movies were terrible in my opinion.

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