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VPN trials and tribulations...


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
For my sins I have to make a VPN connection to earn my daily crust.

Normally this works in a throroughly uninterrupted fashion - IE I make the connection, I work, I get tired - (play UT2k maybe) - break the connection and go eat drink sleep...

BUT lately the blasted VPN connection is dropping like the proverbial fly - sometimes barely staying up long enough for me to complete my remote logins and start work!

I spoke to the freephone helpline and their story is that VPN is "not officially supported" for my DSL service on the basis that I get a dynamic IP address. But by my technical knowledge this is assigned at the time I make a connection to the service and should remain stable for duration of any VPN session within that. Given I use a router I have probably had my current IP for about 41 days and some anyway!

I am going to talk to someone more technically aware from my IP shortly - and this may result in my changing IP which would not be a bad thing but is a hassle and I have to try to make sure it happens seamlessly - but in the meanwhile I thought I would see if anyone here cared to backup or disprove this theory of VPN dropping unexpectedly.

And if it has nothing to do with dynamic IP what else could I look at? Any help or advice or links will definitely get rep. points - downtime like this costs me £'s! :(


OSNN Advanced
It's true that your IP should stick until you log off. BUT, my friend has experienced being kicked off a number of times within a 5-day period, and has been assigned a new IP once or twice.

I, on the otherhand, have a dynamic IP that's been stuck with me since the day that I joined my ISP back in April 2002. lol ;)


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
HMMMMmmmm I have spoken with my IP and they are not aware of anything their end that could jeopordise VPN continuity - despite 21 outages earlier today the connection has now been up for 3 hours continous. Anyone got any other ideas? If I change IP how could I ensure an improvement with them, or make sure their service does not suffer from this? Can you ever get anything kinda guaranteed into the service levels?

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