VPC 2007 & Vista 5744


Feb 2, 2004
Well I finally got around to installing the new virtual pc :)

I also decided to install Vista in a virtual machine instead of boot back and forth.

With the virtualisation support in the core 2 duo, its running just as fast in virtual pc as it was native. Etither this has always been the case with hardware assisted virualisation and I'm just now realising what I've missed or this is some impressive work on the part of MS.

Still I will always enjoy the irony of windows in a window :D

Edit: It doesn't however like decoding a 640x480 mpeg 2 file over the lan and playing it back :D

Edit 2: Seems to have sorted itself out now and is playing back only slightly slower than if I played native :D This is getting almost too impressive :D

Edit 3: now its taking the biscuit. give it foreground focus and it plays just as fast as native.....

Edit 4: During playback I had XP's taskmanager showing 43% cpu usage. Excue me while I squeal like an excited little girl in a candy shop :D
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Tech Junkie
Apr 19, 2002
where did u get vpc2007?
Login and you should see it in the list of available betas. It's a public preview, so you don't need an invitation code etc.

I'm playing with the Ubuntu 6.10 "Edgy" RC build on a Vista RC2 host, and it's running great. :)
Edit: Wow...the "Save State" feature is insanely fast. Saves in 6 seconds, restores back to a fully-usable state in 4 seconds.
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The Analog Kid
Mar 16, 2002
Could someone be kind enough to post a link to VirtualPC 2007? I couldn't find it...

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