Vote for the site...


The Boss
2 Dec 2001
right... been a while since the last time we asked you to vote for the site :)... got another one for you ppl with too much free time:


Vote for us there plz...

most sites would say its to "support the site" well we say... **** that... we just wanna win loads of awards and over-rule ! :D


EDIT P.S. erm... rephrase that... well i wanna over-rule MS :)
Thank you ! :D

thats 1 more vote towards world domination MUHAHAHAHA

MdSalih - Thinking out load :D
Hey that's cool... quick and easy. Ought to be a reference to this on the main site too. I think you'd get a lot of folks voting if it was more visible to them.
Put my vote in.This place is the best!
Waddy,please put this on the main page!!!!!!

We will win,oh yes,we will win .
Whoa crap!!! There is still hope...

went to sleep about 5 hrs ago.... we only had 40 votes... just woke up we have 151 MUHAHAHAHA keep it comming... i'lll send the letter off to microsoft! ;)

This is far the best site outta them lot, Bad imaging and page coding, I could do better at play school. Boasts a big forum membership at least, so maybe if LONMAN is registered they could compete.:D
hmm.. now that would be cheating now wouldn't it... hmm?


P.S. Check your Private Messages m8 ;).. been trying to make one... need some help... u know... for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES :D
lol - was j/k :D


P.S. would be handy though ;)... i'll think about it :D u got MSN Messenger?
My vote be 3rd. One @ home, one @ school and one @ my friend..:D

3 different machines means no cheating 4 me (do not try to tell me something
hmmm... anyone feeling bored... and love this site... errr u can try this...

Open up your cookies folder... delete these cookies:

Cookie:<your user name here>
Cookie:<your user name here>

they can be found here:
c:\Documents and Settings\<your user name here>\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files

and revote... remove again and revote... keep doing it... and again... and again... and again... come on once more.... plz ?!?!?

MdSalih - The cookie monster!
Jeez,man.That's too much work.Just disable all cookies.(Go to Tools-Internet Options-Privacy Tab).Now you can vote much faster,which means more votes.But I would never do anything like this. (yeah,right!!!!!)

I may be new, but I know a good web site when I see one. My vote has been casted.

woot !!

I think everyone that visits here will vote , as it is THE BEST XP and technology site i have visited... its my homepage

I had a look at a few on that list where you vote and 99.9% are junk or MSN sites eeeeeeewwwwww

This place is a class of its own

XP-erience RoXorS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


thanks guys and girl :p
thanx ppl... you are the ones who make it as it is... if it wasn't 4 u there would be no motivation/no reason to do it... so... basically its ALL YOUR FAULT!!! :D


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hello peeps... is been some time since i last came here.
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