Vote for Desert Combat mod! Please help!

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by ThePunkerGuy, Mar 1, 2003.

  1. ThePunkerGuy

    ThePunkerGuy Guest

    For all you Desert Combat (BF1942) fans out there.. please join me and vote for it at! I would really like to see this mod do good! Here is the link
    - Mike
  2. UberBert

    UberBert Guest

    ya that mod is fun, but the only thing is that some of the stuff do way to much damage, like the helicopter, u can take out an entire base easily :huh:

  3. ditchhopper

    ditchhopper OSNN Addict

    Agreed. I havent played original bf1942 or RTR since DC came out.
    Some of these new mods look cool but they dont compare to DC IMO. Although Im waiting with anticipation for the Star Wars mod to come out. For now, Desert Combat is king.
  4. UberBert

    UberBert Guest

    ya i know, i havent played it in like a month or so, cuz my computer cant run bf, so i have to play on my brothers computer when hes not home, lol:D :D

  5. ThePunkerGuy

    ThePunkerGuy Guest