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We have so many internet speed or modem boosters out there.
which one do you use? I have listed 6 poupular apps. (I use CABLENUT) which in my opinion blows away any and all other apps. here are the choices.


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Everyone has their own opinion.

954,928 bytes in 1.892 seconds, using cable nut program.
CABLE connection.

I have not seen many cable connections at this speed.


These programs do NOTHING, trust me on this one. You can't even begin to imagine the kinds of experience I have. ;>
all you really need is a good knowledge of windows and its stupidity. actually, windows default settings are preatty acurately adjusted for broadband, with the exception of a few things.

anyway, www.speedguide.net
try the manual way instead of the auto and see what you learn...


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all cablenut does is give you a easy way to change the TCP registry settings. It is the most comprehensive and the right settings can give you good results.


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it has some basic settings files but it is always best to find your own optimal values. That is where most of the other apps fail, they try a one size fits all approach when that is never the case.

btw DSLreports and DrTCP are the worst in this line, the speedguide optimizer is OK but still lacks the functionality of cablenut. The only good thing I've seen from the DSLR tweak tester is the retransmission report, everything else can be ignored. They have no idea over there, really.

As far as pretty much optimized for Broadband, well thats just plain wrong, the default AFD buffers in XP are still configured for a PC with 8MB of RAM. They haven't changed since 95.


Loaded 754,928 bytes in 2.173 seconds from .....

I don't use one either. A second here or there doesn't bother me.


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I agree, there is nothing better than jumping into the registry and tweaking it yourself.

In fact, most tweak programs in my opinion are a waste of money - I suppose if you pay for one its really for the convenients for having several tools all in one place and a pwetty GUI. All you really need is these forums and <plug> the NTFS tweak guide </plug> to aid you in yoru tweaking.


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