My Voodoo2 card is being recognized under XP but I'm unable to force the OS to recognize it as the default display adapter. It wont even list under display adapters, only under gaming & sound controllers.

Would anybody have any ideas? I'm trying to load all of PlusXP.

I'm not sure i understand your issue. Do you have another video adapter besides your Voodoo?
Yes, sorry I have an onboard adapter thats built into the Intel motherboard. Thats the adapter thats being picked up as the default.

If you're not using the onboard adapter, go into your bios and disable it.
Along with the disabling the onboard video in the BIOS, there may also be a jumper you have to change.
Hey, what am I missing something !!

The Voodoo is a 3d accelerator only.NOT a display adapter. Windows is correct
Bytes back is correct, the VooDoo2 card is nothing but a accelerator, it works off a signal from another "true" display adapter and then you plug your monitor into the VooDoo. In past operating systems (95,98,2k) all I needed to do was load the drivers, it was very PnP friendly. I remeber under Win2k that the VooDoo card was listed under display adapters in Device Manager. Well the drivers loaded in fine and there is even the same 3DFX tab under display properties - advanced. I'm at a loss.

Thanks in advance for any help.

I'm still confused to exactly what your problem is (I'm paticulary thick today)

Under 98,me etc it appeared in sound/video etc when I had one

2000 I can't comment on.

You say it has installed ok with the advanced tab, does the thing work or not, are you saying that under the 3d option in games you don't get it or it's merely listed last ???

Help me, my brain hurts :D
It looks from what I can tell that the driver loaded correctly, hence the advanced tab under display properties, but I do not have the screen resolution options I normally had in the past (98,2k) and the only game I have to test with (Need 4 Speed 4) does not perform the way it should, I have not tested any other games. Also, Plus wont install completly becouse I'm lacking in the graphics area.

Yes, but the screen resolution options come from the video card not the 3d card, they also depend on what monitor windows thinks you have

Now, need4speed 4 has a 3d setup option which you can run seperatly from the game what appears in the choices ?

I think Plus won't install is beacause if you a video card built in to your motherboard then it is assigned memory by the BIOS. For instance it may be assigned 2MB whereas Plus may require 4MB

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