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Has any one come accross drivers for a voodo2 card that works not only with direct 3d as i have found these aplenty but also with open gl and glide????

my card is a guilimot maxi gamer 3d2

any help will be greatly apreciated as direct 3d sucks
Yep, I'm waiting for them too, I have 2 Monster3D2 SLIed and cannot use them, but it's not urgent because I'd like to see them working eventhough I will not use them anymore (maybe at work, lunchtime), thanx to my brand new Radeon 7500 (Oh, my God ! It ROCKS !!!)
if you want drivers that will work under direct 3d only try some of the third party drivers from http://www.voodoofiles.com i think they work with the sli as well but as i said in my previous post, they dont suport gluide or open gl, im not sure if this is due to the drivers or that xp its self dose not suport them. If any one can tell me wich is true i would be greatful
i've found some drivers that are Glide compatiable, and that's the only way to go with the old voodoo2's
i found win 2k drivers from 3dfx.com and they work well with the card(s) just remember to install the drivers on BOTH cards..

well hope this helps.

by the way don't even bother with Direct 3d or OpenGl on Voodoo2's.. They were built for Glide

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