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Volume Control Problem


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When you go into your sound properties, and it has like those 5 volume controls (it can vary) there is one named "wave" i put this one like all the others all the way to the top, because i have another was to control the volume. Everytime I do this, after awhile it changes and the volume of that "wave" one goes down.

How to I fix this, I want it to stay where I put it?

Here is a picture to clarify what I'm talking about.....
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The Analog Kid
Certain programs (winamp) also control the wave slider (the volume control in winamp). If you open winamp and it's not at 100% it will automatically move the slider down.

As an aside, i'd recommend not running volumes at 100%. It has been shown that windows KMixer can add distortion above ~70%.


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the only programs i use that have that is "MusicMatch" "WMP" and "Kazaa" and I change the volume with my dial on my speaker and in kazza most of the time. So yea i dunno...
What dreamliner77 is saying is that some audio programs are badly written (one or more of the ones you use). When they load they change the system sound setting you made on your wave volume slider and then when the program exits it does not restore the system setting. There is no fix for this other than to stop using the program that is doing it.

His other comment is that you should not set the volume sliders above 70% in windows. It messes up the sound quality. I've seen this myself and keep my sliders at 50%.


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My keyboard already automaticly has that feature, with a nice button. It was just settings in the computer that always changed because of one program. Which I am not using anymore, so I do not have this problem! :)

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