Voltage question for computer parts?


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I just want to know what are the voltages on the powersupply. E.g. like what cable is the 5v rail or any other rail for that matter. also questions are like how much voltage is on the molex connectors or the floppy ones. I mean this are basic questions i suppose but i always take it for granted. Are there any good webpages that i can learn from teaching the computers voltages.


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Welll Black is invariably the ground and I think red is the +12v and yellow the +5v and you can pretty much work out others from where they supply power. The molex and mini atx connectors are almost always the ones wired as required for what they are running - so the system is pretty much foolproof - see here foa abasic overview guide.

I do believe all except the most obsolete PSUs will usually have the information plastered right there on the sides in obvious view along with their claims for stability and amperage loadings - this should get you going.

Why do you ask? curiosity or an unusual application (of power) in prospect?


My Yngy is My HoneY!
hehe thx for the info mainframeguy, nah i just want to know for emm knowledge purposes. Expand my knowledge is say. Beats me from watching tv all the time.

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