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Voice recognition.



Taken for granted???

David Pogue, computer writer for the New York Times.
Though Mr Pogue has himself used voice recognition software to write his articles for the past three years, he maintains that there are too many words (in the English language at least) that sound alike for perfect transcription and that it will still be a long time before a computer will be able to make a distinction so subtle that we ourselves often fail to make it.
He continues "... over the years I've kept a log of the "mistakes" made by my speech recognition software. These examples are hilarious, but they make a very serious point. In most of these cases, what I really said and what the computer typed out are sonically identical.
What I said -> What was transcribed
* bookmark it -> book market
* Motorola -> motor roll a
* modem port -> mode import
* a procedure -> upper seizure
* and then stick it in the mail -> and dense thicket in the mail
* movie clips -> move eclipse
* I might add -> I my dad
* inscrutable -> in screw double
* hyphenate -> -8
* suffocate -> Suffolk 8
* a case we summarily dismissed -> a case we so merrily dismissed
* or take a shower -> Ortega shower
* the right or left -> the writer left
* oxymoron -> ax a moron
* ArialPhone guy -> aerial fungi

Moral.> Check before you send.

:confused: :D

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