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Voice Command


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Is there a program to make everything on my computer voice command.

Like it my computer was logged off, i could say Log onto Bman, and it would do it, plus everything else !

Is there something that does that ????

Please tell me !?? Thank You
yes you can but i must say out of experence that you should buy the thing becasue the cracked prog takes out some options and the ones that i downloaded that option was gone
so i bought it through the school board


I may actually be insane.
He recommended NOT getting WaReZ..

Anyway, the Voice Recognition in Office XP isn't too bad, obviously its not perfect, and requires a LOT of voice training to get it even half right.
The problem with voice recognition is they expect to be spoken to in a clear accent using correct english, so words that everyday people use are normally not recognised correct.

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