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I am in the process of purchasing a Pioneer DVD-r/rw drive which comes complete ith VOB version 6.0. Has anybody used this software with XP as officially this isn't supported?

Thanks in anticipation
now THAT'S cool. Major 'wish-list' item. I haven't heard anything one way or another on it myself. What are you looking at for blank media? The last i saw it was like $10 a disk, is that coming down yet?
the CD-r are about £13 each (around $20 I guess). As usual, us Brits are stuffed for any new technology that we need. The DVD-rw disks are about £25 (about $40).

I won a competition a little back and got a box of 50 DVD-rw disks which made this purchase more than worthwhile. (as long asit works in XP!!).
geez ppl... read his Q! lol

he wants to know if the software given is compatible with XP :p

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