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first is that i can't get VNC to work anymore since i bought a new router. I get the error "the connection closed unexpectedly". the new router is a D-Link DIR-655 with the latest firmware (11/08). it worked fine with my old simple dlink router without any port forwarding or anything special. things i have done:
  • client and host are same version (4.1.2)
  • made sure winvnc4.exe is on the host's windows firewall exceptions list
  • added port 5900 TCP and UDP to the same list
  • tried forwarding the same ports with the router
  • reinstalled VNC on both client and host
  • installed it on a third comp
i'm out of ideas. any tips?

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check windows firewall hasn't turned itself on or if its supposed to be running make sure it has deleted the rule, happened to me once or twice


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VNC Server's security is not properly configured?

Check to see if you have selected a proper authentication method.

Also, check out ur Application Event Log.

VNC Server will log information under the tag "WinVNC4" when running as a service. Log entries starting "Connections: closed" will include a brief description of the reason for the connection closing.

Make sure you connect to the correct computer, which I am sure you are doing!

Also, if you wanna try, try enabling DMZ mode. if you can login with DMZ-enabled, then most likely you have a port forwarding issue, I highy dout if your connecting VIA lan
This is why I really like Logmein.

All I can think of is that your router has some extra feature. Any way you can screenshot your router settings and post them here so we can see the pages and settings on those pages?
I've used RealVNC, and TightVNC and have not had any problems like this, but I now use Logmein and I like it. No port configuration or anything.

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