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VLC Media Player Showing Black


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So I was watching a bunch of videos and all of a sudden VLC only shows a black screen. I don't know what I did but I think I might have hit a setting or something. The videos work in WMP and well have worked before, so its something that I did to VLC.

I have restarted, looked through the settings and searched Google for a similar problem. I don't know what I could of done to do that.



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Well I was hoping that was a last resort.

Cause it happened randomly, I remember closing it down or clicking on something and it closed but I was not paying attention. I have looked through all settings that I know of, but nothing seems out of place.


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You probably just changed some of the rendering options. I've done it before :)


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Well I just reset all options in VLC and nothing has changed.

I will give this thread a day or 2, then I guess I will have to reinstall. Makes no sense.


F@H - Is it in you?
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A reinstall would be quite fast I would think.

Do you have a lot of customizations to your settings? Why not slap in a reinstall :D


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I am going to reinstall. I was just being myself, I just simply hate reinstalling things when I should not have too. I will let you know if it fixes it.


So I uninstalled it, even rebooted before reinstalling, reinstalled it.....................and same problem. So my question now is maybe there is something else that I did to my system that I don't remember doing. What else can cause this to happen. Even though it's only VLC doing it.


I figured it out on a hunch. I recently installed a program called TweakNow which for what ever reason I thought I'd give a try. It has all kinds of tweaks and I believe the one that some how could of effected VLC would be the Taskbar Transparency tweak, all working well now. Thanks Saz.
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