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7 Oct 2004
Hi guys long time.

So basically I need a segment a network, never done it before. I know I can create a physical Y shaped network with 3 routers, but that seems to silly, surely I can do this with just one router and a smart/managed switch.

One side will have credit card info. The other side will have the rest of the traffic like web browsing, cameras etc..

Whats the best way to do this.

I figured vlans, but its really hard to find a vlan router for under $200 that anyone sells, except online stores.

My other thought was subnetting, but not really experienced in that either.

Any help would be super useful.

So far I was thinking of buying these two items.

switch supports vlan
NETGEAR 8 Port Gigabit Smart Switch - Lifetime Warranty (GS108T) - Newegg.com

router doesn't unless i flash it with some other firmware, please advise?
ASUS RT-N66U Dual-Band Wireless-N900 Gigabit Router - Newegg.com

Very much appreciate your help, basically doing this tomorrow and left the proper research to late. hence why i cant even order from newegg. But i can buy the above from Frys a big electronic outlet here in CA
So I have set on the RTN66U router using the DD-WRT firmware.

Any other help on vlans would be much appreciated.
Assuming you are doing this for PCI reasons (based on another post you mentioned) you probably don't want the networks able to talk to each other. Some of this also depends on what level of PCI compliance you need to reach.

Just setting up subnets probably won't do what you want. If they are in the same VLAN/Broadcast domain, all someone would need to do is change their IP info and they could be on the other network.
VLAN's will help provide separation but will obviously up your network requirements.

What help do you need on VLAN's?

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