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Visual Studio Project Path


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Hello all,
I was wondering if anyone knew a way to change how VS (Microsoft Visual Studio) stores project paths. For example, right now, if your project is called "myproject", it stores it in "basepath/myproject". and names everything "myproject" (i.e. the project name, etc).
I personally do not like this structure, and would like to change it, hence the post. What I'd like to do is this:

|__ build\vc <== Store Visual C++ project here
|__ build\unix <== Store UNIX makefile/script here
|__ docs <== Store documentation here

Edit: ok, the forum stripped my spaces. But basically, it'd look like:

So, Basically, I'd like to store the project in a directory called "vc" (visual c++). The only way I saw possible was to change my project path to "\src\myproject\build" and call the project "vc". This works, I rename the project later to "myproject", and all is good. However, it does rename the underlying files VS stores.

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Start> control panel >system

Click the advanced tab and then down at the bottom, there should be a box that says environment variables. click that and then edit the program you want and the save to path settings.


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Yep, I can change certain aspects that way. But it still does not let me tell VS how I want it to store things.

I'm looking for a) project fix and ultimately b) global fix

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