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Vista x64 RAID 0 Question

Re: Any one having troubling

Can't say I've tried it myself, but what kind of RAID controller is it? Are you using the onboard nForce 4 RAID?


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Re: Any one having troubling

Had the same issue with Xp awhile back and it was bad drivers. If you get it working post back im running Raid 0 on-board and was worried about them when i go to vista.
Re: Any one having troubling

This is a pain in the.... My Array is healthy in my bios. It's set to boot.. It's just not seeing it in Vista Setup at all. Shows both disc.. can install on Disc 0. It just doesn't boot.
Re: Any one having troubling

Good to know! Thanks for posting the link, Sinster. I'm sure others here will find it useful for future reference. :)

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Re: Any one having troubling

The Vista installation detected my raid straight up so I was quite lucky, although I remember trying through some of the release candidates and not having any luck at all.

At least this time around you can actually load the additional drivers onto a USB key or a seperate partition. You really don't need a floppy drive anymore! Except maybe bios updates on 64bit systems, whuch have been giving me a bit of stick recently.


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I got Vista the other day with some new harddrives. I decided to do a raid 5 setup with 5 320 gig drives. I got the raid setup in the bios, acronis disk manager saw the large drive, vista install saw the one large drive. But when Vista finished the install, the raid was damaged and in the bios, the 3rd drive was not in the raid 5 anymore. I'm using the onboard nvidia raid controller on a M2N-E board. I got it to install on a single drive and had the other 4 left in raid, but would like all 5 in the raid. I did try the drivers from the cd that came with the board and vista would not see the raid or any drives when i told it to use those drivers. Any tips?

I tried with the new drivers posted the other day from nvidia and it didn't change the appearence of the raid on install, but it didn't kill the raid after the install. the new drivers seememd to solve the problem.
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