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8 Apr 2003
no for some strange reason no mater what video i try to play in media center it craps out with an error - so far i have tested avi (xvid) and mkv(x264) and it complains that it cant open the files, yet media player on its own can, now i have ffdshow installed, could it be because its in x86 folder that its kicking up, or just vista being a tit
yet it uses media player as the backend and thats using them ok, there is a ffdshow 64bit package but its not been tested :(
it doesn't use media player as the backend. If it did it'd use your codecs :)

Media player is 32 bit so that it can use existing codecs.
grrr - you know where i could get some 64bit codecs - even though i dont think i could watch mkv files in media center and haalis media splitter aint 64bit :(
eewwww iky iky cccp - might aswell just stay with ffdshow and wmp11 for now then :(
i found some 64 bit codes :) - can use media center again now :p

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