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Vista vs my digital camera


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My camera blows. It's slow, it eats batteries for breakfast. I hate it, but it works well enough for now. The first time I connected it to my pc, vista recognized it as a removable storage device and I was able to browse it like any other drive. Ever since then it won't detect it. I thought the camera might be broken but after doing a little checking I see it shows up in device manager but not under disk management. Any ideas as to whats happening?


Okay it just showed up. Took it almost 10 minutes. That can't be right.
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dunno.. on the battery issue, what kind of battries does it take and what kind are you using (ie: regular alkaline? Lithium? NiMH rechargable?). I've seen some huge differences in our camera depending on what kind of batteries I put in.. Literally from 15 shots (20 max!) on regular alkaline to 150+ shots on 2300mA NiMH.


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I had some crappy off brand that a salesman gave me. They sucked. I just bought some Duracell's and they have been holding up quite nicely. Still, even if it didn't eat batteries, the camera would suck. It has like a 5 second response time between when I hit the button to when the picture is taken. But as I said it will work until I can afford something new and awesome. I'm mainly concerned about the time between connection and being recognized by Vista. I'm gonna keep playing and see if I can get it to work quicker.

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Instead of hooking up my camera to the PC to get the pictures off of it I use a Sandisk card reader. This way I do not use the batteries from the camera at all.
Better rechargeables. They made a world of difference in my camera. The old style niMH and cheapo alkaline just could not deliver enough energy except when fully charged. Pricey but worth it. I'm using Hybrid (Walmart, etc) Last I saw the eneloop which even better were only available from Circuit City and Ritz Camera.


I have seen "off brand names" that appear to be claiming the same performance improvements but have not bought and tested any since the few Hybrid brand I have bought rarely need recharging.

As for Vista, I'd pop the memroy stick out for reading and see if that works faster. Also make sure you have the latest Drivers for the camera. I used an old driver by accident on my second PC and it would find the camera but not download.
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If you are looking for batteries the Panasonic Oxy--something or other are the way to go. More power over alakaline and longer life.
There really have been no recent advances in the Nimh rechargeables so a good pair of 'em should do ya'. Lenmar is a good brand.

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